The Legend of Mu Lan
A Heroine of Ancient China
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Information on Mulan

Mulan FAQ - All types of information on Mulan: history, legend, books, Disney's movie and more Mulan Fan Club - A fan club for Mulan started in Hong Kong.

Alameda Newspaper Group article on the inaccuracies in Disney's movie Mulan.

Chinese Characters & Culture - facinating website with information on the formation of Chinese characters. Has the original Chinese poem of Mulan online.

Mulan as a Unit Plan - lesson plans for Mulan with links to help you get started and ideas for creating a thematic unit.

Women's History Month

International Women's Day - send free e-cards.

Stores with Books on Heroines

Amazon Bookstore - a full-service feminist bookstore for all women, offering a diversity of books, gifts, music and art by, for, and about women. Women-owned cooperative and have NO relation to in Seattle.


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