The Legend of Mu Lan
A Heroine of Ancient China
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Victory Press' Web site also features a lesson plan written by home-school teacher Terrie Bittner. The plan includes links to history lessons about China, Disney, Mu Lan and other famous women in history. "I think history provides a good basis for any subject you want to teach," says Bittner, who has her own education Web site for home-school teachers.
Hu encourages teachers to take advantage of the Chinese New Year to introduce their students to Chinese culture, whether with the story of Mu Lan or through arts and crafts and other activities. For more information, visit the Victory Press Web site at or Terrie Bittner's home-school Web site:

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by Selicia Kennedy-Ross, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
(c) Friday, April 2, 1999
reprinted by permission

Magnolia Junior High School seventh-grader Marcia McGuire proved last week that the spirit of Mulan is alive and well in the Chino Valley.
Marcia, a Chino resident, was named the grand prize winner in Victory Press's national essay contest March 22nd for her essay on her grandmother. The paper compared her grandmother's spirit to the 2,000 year-old legend of Mulan.


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